Stop Tooth Sensitivity with Seal&Protect

Jun 30 • 1 minute read

Do you ever drink a cold drink and shudder when it hits your teeth? Or feel a gust of cool air and get a zing in your tooth? Cold sensitivity can be uncomfortable and miserable.
But you don't have to suffer through it! There are many treatments we can use to help. One solution is Seal&Protect Desensitizer, a product from Dentsply Serona. This liquid sealant is used when dentin has become exposed on your teeth, especially on the roots. Dentin is the layer beneath enamel, a tooth's hard outer layer. When it becomes exposed it can cause tooth sensitivity, or those painful jolts we all dread.
Seal&Protect seals these surfaces, reducing your sensitivity for up to 12 months. It can be applied in just a few minutes at your regular dental cleaning appointment.
So come see us at our Beaverton, Oregon dental practice! We can help you start feeling better and smiling brighter.

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