Back in March 2019, we changed the name of our Beaverton, Oregon dental office from Hawaiian Smiles to Good Life Dentistry. At the time, our owner and dentist, Douglas W. Shafer, DDS, wrote this:

"Since taking over the practice in 2016, I’ve done my best to build on the wonderful legacy left by Dr. Barney. I love the community and culture he created at Hawaiian Smiles, and I see this name change as the next step in our growth and progress.
The new name, Good Life Dentistry, was chosen to reflect our mission statement, our goals for the future, and our commitment to overall health and happiness. While our name is changing, our commitment to quality general and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family remains the same.
Our team looks forward to serving you and helping you find the good life.

We had been searching for a new name for years before this. Hawaiian Smiles had been a meaningful name to Dr. Barney and his Hawaiian family, but we wanted something that more accurately described Dr. Shafer and his practice. Dr. Shafer came home one day with the idea of Good Life Dentistry, and he was excited and knew it represented him and his vision for the future.

Soon after, he and his wife, Jackie, had a moment of inspiration and quickly wrote our new mission statement in one sitting. It felt right in 2019, and it still feels right today:

Life is to be enjoyed. We do quality dentistry in a comfortable environment to give patients optimal health and greater confidence.

We remain committed to this message and mission. We love our patients and community, and we strive to serve them with excellence every day.

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