CEREC: The New and Improved Dental Crown

Mar 5 • 1 minute read

Dental crowns have come a long way over the years. Twenty years ago, it took several weeks to get a crown. Now, thanks to our CEREC system, it can be done in just a day!
We recommend a dental crown in a variety of situations. Perhaps it's to strengthen a cracked tooth, prevent breakage, or support a tooth that has had a large filling. Or maybe it's just to replace a missing tooth on a dental implant. Whatever the reason, when you need a crown, sooner is better than later.
Let's compare the dental crown process of the past:
Once the need for a dental crown was identified,
  • Patient comes in for first appointment. Prepare the tooth. Take a dental impression with traditional tray and putty. Place temporary crown.
  • Wait 2 weeks for mold to be sent to dental lab and permanent crown to be made.
  • Patient comes in for second appointment. Place permanent crown.
Now, it can be all done in a single appointment!
  • Patient comes in for one and only appointment. Identify need for a dental crown. Create digital scan in minutes (no gagging, no goop). Create crown in CEREC CAD/CAM unit while patient reads or watches their favorite movie. Place permanent crown.

Dr. Shafer and the Good Life Team love CEREC crowns because they're strong, they fit well, and they're aesthetically appealing. We're grateful to offer this fast, high-quality service to our patients!


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