Dr. Shafer says a dental implant is the strongest, most ideal replacement for missing teeth. But what exactly is it?

Simply put, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It replaces a tooth root with a titanium, screw-like implant that is placed into your jawbone. An artificial tooth is then attached to the implant, and this replacement looks and functions like a real tooth.

Modern implants have been used successfully for over 30 years. Beaverton Dentist Dr. Doug Shafer takes Continuing Education courses specifically on dental implants, and has been placing them in his patients since he began practicing in 2012.

A dental implant allows you to eat, drink, talk, smile, and live your life normally. There are no foods to avoid, and no worries about flossing under a bridge or bone deterioration from dentures. Plus, dental implants do not negatively impact the surrounding teeth.

Here is the implant dentistry procedure:

  1. Dental Implant Consulation: You will meet with Dr. Shafer to see if you are a good candidate for a dental implant. He will take into account the health of your jawbone and the number of teeth needing to be replaced.

  2. Implant Placement: Once Dr. Shafer determines you are set to go, you will schedule an appointment to place the implant (or if it’s a particularly complicated case, he will refer you to a specialist). At that appointment he will prepare the bone for the implant, and place the implant into the bone.

  3. Healing Period: For usually three to four months, we will give you time to heal. In this time the bone will grow around the screw and fuse until is tight, strong, and immovable.

  4. Place Your Restoration: First, when it has been determined that the implant is strong and tight, we will take an impression and send the information to the lab. The impression may be taken with traditional putty or with the iTero Intraoral Scanner. After 3 weeks, we will place an abutment internally into the implant post. Then, we will attach a crown that looks natural and is custom matched to the color of your current teeth.

Are you wondering if a dental implant is right for you? Please reach out now for a consultation. We look forward to helping restore your beautiful smile!

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