What Is It Like to Finish Up Invisalign?

Mar 9 • 1 minute read

Now that we've covered what it's like to start Invisalign and Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions, let's discuss how you complete your Invisalign treatment. Fortunately it's easy!

  1. At your final check with Dr. Shafer, he will ensure your teeth are in the desired position. When you and our team agree your teeth are where we want them to be, you’re done!

  2. Our team will remove the buttons—the precision attachments that have held your trays in place. We’ll make adjustments to your bite as needed.

  3. We’ll then use the iTero Intraoral Scanner to take a digital scan of your teeth to make your custom-made retainers. Your scan will be sent to Invisalign, and they will make them and ship them back to us. You’ll wear your last clear aligner tray until your retainer arrives. The retainer will be made of a clear plastic that is stronger and more durable than your Invisalign trays. It should last for several months or even years. You’ll be given four additional sets. When you need additional retainers, simply contact us and we’ll order you more.

You should clean your retainer daily with warm, soapy water. There are also cleaning products designed specifically for santizing Invisalign trays.

We recommend wearing your retainer each night as you sleep. Depending on your case, we may recommend wearing your retainers all day and night for the first week or two. Wearing your retainers as prescribed will prevent your teeth from moving back or shifting as you age and your jaw continues to change. We will check your bite and smile when you visit us for cleanings or other dental treatment.

Finishing up Invisalign is simple and exciting. After these few steps, all that’s left to do is to go out and confidently enjoy your new smile!

Are you wondering if Invisalign—the clear alternative to metal braces—are right for you? Please contact us for a FREE smile consultation. We look forward to serving you.

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